Help With Forms

The purpose of this complaint form is to compile as much useful information as possible about your experience so that we can assess your complaint and immediately get started on working towards a resolve by contacting the company about your complaint.

Tell us what happened.

Please explain clearly and concisely all the details of your complaint. Include the name(s) of the company, product, and employee's, along with any dates, locations, and any other relevant data you feel will help resolve your complaint, as this information will be sent unedited to the business.

We encourage you to have your complaint posted to our consumer community so that others may benefit from the information you provide. Please note that everything you write in this section will be posted to our Consumer Community pages in an unedited form, so refrain from using profanity or from putting in personal/private details (for example your name and address) in this section.

Summarize your complaint.

Please provide a brief summary of your complaint so people can get a quick glimpse of what you are complaining about. For example: I paid $300 to XYZ Roofing of Minneapolis, MN to replace my leaking roof, but they never finished the job or contacted me about a refund.

Resolution Detail:

This is your chance to tell the company how they can resolve your complaint and make you happy. If you are reasonable with your request, you have a better chance of getting what you want. For example, if you purchased a defective product and received poor customer service when you tried to return it, a refund and an apology would be a reasonable request that the business would most likely honor, but requesting compensation for suffering and emotional distress may seem unreasonable and excessive to the business and deter them from resolving the complaint at all.

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